Why You Should Consider an Oven from Blodgett-Combi

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An indispensable item for any commercial kitchen, Blodgett-Combi ovens have a wide variety of uses that will meet your cooking needs. It accelerates cooking time, decreases labor, and improves food quality.

When it comes to cooking, especially with ovens, every chef wants perfect results every time. After all, get the wrong results, and you will have to cook everything from scratch. No one wants to waste time, let alone lose money in an easily avoidable situation. According to recent research by Statista, the global health and wellness food market is expected to grow to $811.82 billion by 2021. This means that more consumers want healthy foods. As a result, anyone working in the foodservice industry must capitalize on this growing number and echo a healthy theme. What better way to ensure healthy cooking than with a Blodgett-Combi heavy-duty combi oven.

What exactly is a combi oven?

Combi, which is a short form for combination, means that these types of ovens combine steam and convection cooking. These ovens are designed to meet the needs of commercial kitchens. While there is a Blodgett-Combi oven for every kitchen size, they are also incredibly versatile, economical to use, and offer a wide variety of choice for using different cooking methods. So, what can you cook in Blodgett-Combi oven? As much as cooking is about the ingredients; it also about the tools. Besides, for a commercial kitchen to create an evenly baked or grilled food requires multi-purpose cooking equipment. Whether you need to broil, bake, roast, or even warm up food, with Blodgett-Combi, you will create dishes worthy of praise.

The Benefits of Using a Blodgett-Combi 

With so many brands of combi ovens in the market, what are the advantages of Blodgett-Combi design, and what makes it different?

Easy to operate and saves loading recipe time

No need to read long manuals about how to operate this oven as all the controls are user-friendly and save time loading recipes. You can opt for programmable combi ovens which you can fine-tune according to your specifications. This means that you don’t need to input new instructions every time you cook the same recipe. 

Sturdy design that can hold more pans

Blodgett-Combi sets the standards when it comes to food equipment, and the combi ovens are worthy of the praise they get. The construction quality and design are superior as they use high-quality brass water fittings that are leak-proof and durable. Worried about a sudden increase in guests? No need. Blodgett-Combi ovens have an increased capacity that allows you to cook with different size pans at the same time.

Promote healthy cooking

Have you ever ordered food from a restaurant only to find that it is too dry that you had to force it down with water? Well, your customers will never experience that when you use a Blodgett-Combi. It has a powerful steam generator capable of meeting the heavy-duty demands of a commercial kitchen. In fact, professional chefs prefer combi ovens as they help create healthy dishes with ease. Steaming promotes healthy cooking by preserving the nutritional values of food as well as tastes and textures. The two-step door latch prevents steam from escaping which locks in the flavors and speed up cooking time. With the moist air inside the oven, the food will be delicious, juicy, and retain more vitamins.

Want to find your favorite Blodgett-Combi heavy duty combi oven that will meet your needs and that of your commercial kitchen? Whichever design you opt for, with Blodgett-Combi, you can relax knowing that the demands of daily kitchen routine are under control.

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