Water Testing, Treatment & Filtration

It is important to get your water analyzed and your system in place prior to installation!

Water Treatment & Testing Policy

It is the responsibility of the owner/operator/purchaser to verify that the incoming water supply is tested and complies with our water quality standard below.

Non-compliance with standards may VOID the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty.

• Total dissolved solids: 40-125 ppm

• Hardness: 35-100 PPM

• Silica: < 13 PPM

• Chlorides: < 25 PPM

• pH Factor: 7.0 - 8.5

• Chlorine: < 0.2 PPM

• Chloramine: < 0.2 PPM

Contact your local Blodgett Combi Sales Representative to see if you qualify for a FREE water test kit.

Water Treatment

If your water is NOT within the quality guidelines above, refer to the table below to find the right Optipure water treatment system for your Blodgett Combi hydrovection. OptiPure OP Series systems utilize reverse osmosis (RO) to remove total dissolved solids (TDS) from water, including chlorides and hardness minerals. Then a select balance of minerals is introduced into the pure water to provide desirable "Optimized” water with a stable, non-aggressive nature that can significantly reduce water-related equipment problems including corrosion and scale.

Water Filtration Systems

If your water is within the quality guidelines, use Optipure model FXI11+CR filtration system. The FXI-11+CR reduces chorine/chloramines and sediment, inhibits scale, and helps guard against corrosion. Use one FX1-11+CR with any Blodgett Combi or Hydrovection (single or double).

bc water treatment OP175


bc water treatment OP350


bc water treatment FXI11


OP175/16 175 GPD RO/mineral addition with 16 gal tank & RP (Qty 1 per unit)
OP350/16 350 GPD RO/mineral addition with 16 gal tank & RP (Qty 1 per roll-in or double stack)
FXI-11+CR Multi-stage water filtration system (Qty 1 per single or double stack unit)


These products are covered under warranty by Optipure for 1 year against defects in material and workmanship. Warranty does not include filters or membranes. Visit www.optipurewater.com for details.

Blue water drops on a glass window-1

Water Treatment Solutions

Optipure offers both water filtration and water treatment systems for use with Blodgett Combi and Hydrovection ovens. For detailed technical information on these systems visit www.optipurewater.com or call Optipure at 800-333-2556.
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