Heavy Duty Combi: Exceptional Design for Exceptional Kitchens

CNVX-14 Heavy Duty Convection Oven

7 Pan Bakery Oven Full Size

The CNVX-14 heavy duty convection ovens are some of the most versatile convection ovens on the market. Built in the same footprint as our BCX and BX Combi ovens, the CNVX is the perfect companion to stack with your Blodgett Combi. The CNVX/BCX or BX combination gives you both combi and convection cooking in one footprint.

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BCX-14 single on stand with food in cavity

Sleek Design

With Stronger Frame

This series of Blodgett Combi ovens features a fully welded stainless steel frame for extra strength. This frame is specifically designed to prevent warping which causes door seals to leak.

These ovens are also made for high capacity with seven full size sheet pans or 14 hotel pans in the base model. These ovens come in both boiler based and boilerless options.

These ovens feature an Android™ based control, making it easy to use in any kitchen.

The Blodgett Combi Heavy Duty Combi ovens are made to withstand the rigors of any kitchen including institutional.

The Combi that's

"Built like a Blodgett"


Fully welded stainless steel frame has the strength and rigidity needed for shipping and holds up well to the rigors of the commercial kitchen

Solid fiber insulation will not sag, eliminating heat loss

Removable core probe for Cook & Hold and overnight roasting

Four speed reversing fan for an even quality bake

Semi-Automatic Deliming – you initiate the deliming process, it automatically pumps in the correct amount of solution. What could be easier? No need to call for service

Choose from programmable manual control and SmartTouch 2™ 7″ touchscreen controls


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