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Combi Accessories

Blodgett-Combi offers a variety of accessories to improve the work flow in your kitchen and make cooking in your Combi oven even easier. They provide you with ample opportunity to tailor a solution that suits your needs exactly.


Turn your Blodgett-Combi into a smoker! The FlavorSmoke 450 is an externally mounted smoker box. Independently controlled from 5-60 minutes, the Blodgett FlavorSmoker burns flavored wood chips to produce wood flavored product. Removable for easy cleaning. Wood chips not included.

Not for use with Hoodini models.


  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for cold smoke
  • Smoker control can mount to oven
  • Can be used with any Blodgett oven
  • Smoker cover, baffle, and box are dishwasher safe
  • Heating element is fully detachable from controller

Flavorsmoke manual

Blodgett- Combi specialty racks make cooking in the Combi that much easier.


Half-size (13” x 18”) wire shelf with protruding holders. Will accommodate (8) chickens/poultry. The spikes heat the product from the inside while the Hydrovection heats it from the outside. Fits perfectly inside a standard hotel pan to capture drippings for gravies and/or easy oven cleanup. (shown in hotel pan, not included)

Chicken Rack-0032_Web_Res


Bake potatoes in only 30 minutes with the enamel-coated potato spikes. With 28 spikes, this accessory is perfect for the preparation of potatoes, chicken legs and tomatoes. The spikes heat the product from the inside while the combi heats it from the outside greatly speeding up the cooking process.

potato spikes


Full hotel size wire rack with slots for full racks of ribs. Will accommodate 6 full racks. The rib rack optimizes space while still allowing for airflow for the perfect ribs. Ribs are placed upright.



Blodgett-Combi’s enamel coated grilling grid is ideal for grilling meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables right in your combi. The grilling grid ensures distinct grill marks, excellent taste, and quick preparation. Thanks to the non-stick coating, it is easy to clean.

Grilling Grid


Full-size (14-1/2” x 24-1/2”) wire mesh pan for cooking fried foods without adding cooking oil or sprays, ½ inch reinforced rim adds rigidity and helps to prevent overloading, welded stainless steel construction offers better air circulation than standard sheet metal pans with holes. Fits in 18" x 26" full-size sheet pan.

Blodgett multi-purpose fry rack


Crisp French fries without the use of fat - Blodgett’s french fry basket is excellent for the preparation of fries, vegetables, fish, etc. The wire basket ensures optimum heat distribution for even results. You get crisp French fries easily without adding any fat at all. The ½” reinforced rim on the full size (14-1/2” x 24-1/2”) fry rack adds rigidity and helps to prevent overloading. The welded stainless steel construction offers better air circulation than standard perforated sheet pans.



Blodgett-Combi’s enamel coated combi sheet offers a wide variety of applications. One side is designed for grilling meat and vegetables. The other side is ideal for baking pizzas. The thickness of the sheet combined with the special coating produces perfect crisp pizza crust.



Blodgett-Combi’s enamel coated multi-purpose tray is perfect for fried eggs, pancakes, etc. The non-stick coating ensures perfect roasting and baking results and makes cleanup easy.

Multi Purpose Tray


Blodgett’s perforated aluminum baking sheets ensures bread with a crisp crust all the way round. The sheets are 2 mm thick and have a silicone coating which makes them easy to clean.

Perforated Baking Sheet


The sheets are 2 mm thick and have a silicone coating which makes them easy to clean.

Silicone Baking Sheet


Shallow depth enamel coated hotel pan. The Edged Sear Sheet is perfect for searing meats, seafood, and vegetables while containing any liquids or breading. The quick heating sear sheet gives a great sear regardless of product size. Thanks to the non stick coating, it is easy to clean.

Edged Sear Sheet


12” x 20” x 2-1/2” North American hotel pan

Enamel North American Hotel Pan


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The Importance of Water Treatment

Water quality is a major factor affecting the function, reliability and life of your commercial kitchen equipment. Unseen contaminants can create serious issues with the taste, odor and appearance of your food, and the performance of your equipment.

  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - This is the hard scale that gets left behind when water evaporates. You’ll see it as a film coating whatever it contacts and it is the reason everything from coffee makers to Combi Ovens need to be cleaned.
  • Alkalinity/pH - Water should be neither too alkaline or too acidic. Due to public water treatment requirements, most tap water is too alkaline which will increase the lime-scale build-up
  • Silica - This hard, glassy substance makes up another aspect of your water’s quality. Found in most water, but quite high in the midwestern US, it adds to the lime-scale build-up.
  • Sulfates & Chlorides - These substances are corrosive and they are common substances that are dissolved in tap water. Sulfates and Chlorides will attack the stainless steel liner of your new oven and the oven racks.
  • Chlorine & Cloromines - These disinfectants are added to public water systems to prevent water-borne disease and they are particularly corrosive to even the most protected stainless steel.

By treating your water to meet foodservice operations standards, you are ensuring that your food will taste the way you want it to, while extending the life of your cooking equipment. Plus by reducing scale buildup you decrease the frequency of deliming, saving on the cost of deliming agent.