INVOQ: Exceptional Design for Exceptional Kitchens

Blodgett-Combi 61 INVOQ

61 Invoq

Introducing an intuitive oven platform for baking, cooking and steaming that’s as simple as it looks!

Blodgett Combi Invoq is the perfect kitchen appliance, where all the latest technologies have been made simple for you to use. The steam production and the automated cleaning system use a minimum of energy and water without ever compromising quality results.

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Standard rack with 2.76” (70mm) spacing
7 Half Sheet Pans
7 Hotel Pans 2”

Standard rack with 3.35” (85mm) spacing
6 Half Sheet Pans
6 Hotel Pans 2.5”

MultiRack with 3.15” (80mm) spacing
6 Full Size Sheet Pans
6 Hotel Pans 2.5”
6 Half Sheet Pans

For increased capacity, the 61 series can be stacked with another 61 or with an oven from the 101 series.


61 Hybrid (boilerbased) Ovens
These ovens combine an energy efficient boiler with an injection steam system. Together with smart sensors and integrated drain and inlet systems, these ovens deliver fast, efficient and safe high-density steam saturation – perfect for intensive steaming production.

61 Combi (boilerless) Ovens
These ovens combine injection steam, smart sensors, and integrated drain and inlet systems for a full steaming capacity that is fast, efficient and safe.

Models Available:

  • 61BE – electric hybrid oven
  • 61BG – gas hybrid oven (Coming Soon)
  • 61BLE – electric combi oven
  • 61BLG – gas combi oven (Coming Soon)
  • 61BE-PT – electric hybrid passthrough oven
  • 61BLE-PT – electric combi passthrough oven

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Blodgett-Combi 62 INVOQ

Exceptional Designs

For Exceptional Kitchens

Introducing an intuitive oven platform for baking, cooking and steaming that’s as simple as it looks. Invoq is an oven that looks like no other. But what will convince you that it is the best oven for your purpose has very little to do with aesthetics.
From any angle, inside and out, you will immediately see evidence of the thoughtful design that makes Invoq so inviting to use.

Sleek, flush mounted toughened glass, premium LED illumination. Surfaces that are both tactile and effortless to keep clean and hygienic.

Even the door handle has been re-imagined, making it more functional in the hectic environment of a busy service.

Designed to Increase

Quality & Savings

Invoq is living proof that a high performance oven doesn’t have to be power hungry, inflexible or complicated to use.

  • 70% Less Energy – Invoq enables outstanding results using less power, helping you move towards a more sustainable kitchen.
  • 17% More Capacity – With multiple rack configurations and an extra shelf, Invoq gives you optimized efficiency and economy.
  • Boots in Less than 3 Seconds – Although highly specified, Invoq is designed to be easy to install, operate, master, maintain and clean.
  • Improves Product Quality – On top of cutting edge convection technology for quick and even cooking, Invoq features a radically new way to cook successfully using steam. When you can control humidity, you can create a cooking environment where the natural texture, flavor and tenderness are preserved.
Blodgett-Combi 101 INVOQ

Mix & Match

Invoq gives you the opportunity to stack two ovens, so you can gain maximum flexibility and double your capacity without using more of your valuable floor space.

For example, you can roast lamb in the bottom oven while steaming vegetables in the top oven. Moreover, you can easily adjust the cooking capacity to the present number of guests. Switch off the oven that you do not use in offpeak periods to avoid over-capacity and save money on energy.

Ovens are available in electric and gas oven models in the following combinations 61+61, 61+101, 62+62 and 62+102.

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