The Importance of Water Treatment

Water quality is a major factor affecting the function, reliability and life of your commercial kitchen equipment. Unseen contaminants can create serious issues with the taste, odor and appearance of your food, and the performance of your equipment.

  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - This is the hard scale that gets left behind when water evaporates. You’ll see it as a film coating whatever it contacts and it is the reason everything from coffee makers to Combi Ovens need to be cleaned.
  • Alkalinity/pH - Water should be neither too alkaline or too acidic. Due to public water treatment requirements, most tap water is too alkaline which will increase the lime-scale build-up
  • Silica - This hard, glassy substance makes up another aspect of your water’s quality. Found in most water, but quite high in the midwestern US, it adds to the lime-scale build-up.
  • Sulfates & Chlorides - These substances are corrosive and they are common substances that are dissolved in tap water. Sulfates and Chlorides will attack the stainless steel liner of your new oven and the oven racks.
  • Chlorine & Cloromines - These disinfectants are added to public water systems to prevent water-borne disease and they are particularly corrosive to even the most protected stainless steel.

By treating your water to meet foodservice operations standards, you are ensuring that your food will taste the way you want it to, while extending the life of your cooking equipment. Plus by reducing scale buildup you decrease the frequency of deliming, saving on the cost of deliming agent.

bc water treatment OP175


bc water treatment OP350


bc water treatment FXI11


OP175/16 175 GPD RO/mineral addition with 16 gal tank & RP (Qty 1 per unit)
OP350/16 350 GPD RO/mineral addition with 16 gal tank & RP (Qty 1 per roll-in or double stack)
FXI-11+CR Multi-stage water filtration system (Qty 1 per single or double stack unit)



Model Quantity Pan Size


2.36” GN 1/1 pans
4 12”x20”x21/2” hotel pans
BLCT-10E 10 2.36” GN 1/1 pans
6 12”x20”x21/2” hotel pans

Model CAD & Revit Files

The Optimal Choice

When Size Matters

If you have a cafe or a smaller kitchen where the space is limited. Blodgett Combi’s Mini Combi is the obvious choice.

Mini Combi is a completely unique oven size on the market. The ovens do not take up much space - with a width of only 20.2” they can fit into even the smallest kitchens.

It is small but effective. Despite its small size, Mini Combi has the same features as a large combi oven. In other words, it has all the features you need in a smaller kitchen.

All models feature a state of the art Android® based touchscreen control. For whatever is on your menu, Mini Combi has something for you.


Small Size

Big Performance

  • Electricity • Injection steam
  • SmartTouch 2® display
  • 2-piece rack
  • Temperature probe
  • Chef’s recipe collection
  • Baker’s recipe collection
  • Favorites selection
  • Field reversible door
  • Stainless steel liner
  • Removable smoker box
  • Handshower (optional)
  • CombiWash® automatic cleaning system
  • Quick Select Recipes (QSR)
  • Advanced Racktimer - for tailored menu handling

Cooking Modes

For Any Cooking Need

  • Hot air (Convection)
  • Steaming
  • Combination hot air and steam
  • Low-temperature steaming
  • Forced steaming
  • CombiSmart® 10 steps humidity control
  • Cook & Regeneration
  • Proving, with automatic humidification
  • Preheating
  • Automatic cooling function
  • Manual humidity pulsing
  • Reversing, adjustable fan with 9 speeds
  • SmartChef® automatic cooking
  • Automatic humidity pulsing
  • RackTimer® with up to 20 timers
  • Cool down function
  • Delta-T
  • Cook & Hold


Speak with your local Blodgett Combi expert to learn more about the ideal combi oven for your foodservice operation.