4 Benefits of a Combi Oven

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Whether it’s in a school cafeteria or a resort banqueting service, combi ovens can be some of the most versatile and productive pieces of foodservice equipment in any operation. The reason is simple.

Combi ovens are designed using the latest technologies available in our industry. By seamlessly combining some of the most important cooking processes, combi ovens make it possible to cook with convection, steam, or a combination of both. Essentially, they contain multiple technologies all in one.

But what are the real benefits of using a combi? Here they are:


Combi ovens are designed with ease-of-use in mind, and in today’s environment of labor shortages and high turnover rates, foodservice that’s easy to use is at a premium. Blodgett-Combi offers intuitive controls that allow for pre-programming based on certain menu items. Want to cook a tray of fragile bakery items like tarts or pate a choux? Just put them in the oven, press a button, and let the combi do the rest.


What’s better than a person or a piece of foodservice equipment that can do multiple things? That is the type of versatility provided by a combi oven from Blodgett-Combi. With precision control of both temperature and humidity, combi ovens allow operators to cook, steam, roast, smoke, braise, bake, re-therm, and more.


Blodgett-Combi ovens are ideal for operations that are limited by space. All within the same, small footprint, they provide versatility in cooking processes, thus freeing up even more space by eliminating the need for duplicate equipment. Even better, Blodgett-Combi offers hood free combi oven technology, reducing the need for ventilation, as well.


Those expensive proteins and center-of-the-plate ingredients will often lose water weight and yield when cooked in conventional ovens. A combi oven can change this with the added addition of moisture to the cooking process. Water will help increase yield rates of meats, those helping an operation increase profits.

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